Reading fluff In pubic is so difficult

Smut I’m fine with, I could look straight up from my laptop and tell my mother it was Romeo and fucking Juliet

But fluff makes me all tingly inside and makes me coo at every chosen word, I grin like a serial killer and I genuinely scare people

Tumblr Definitions


Frickle frackle: (verb) the act of making the sex

OTP: (noun) An acronym for one true paring.

Ship: (noun) wanting two (or more) people to be in a relationship. These people can also already be In a relationship.

Asdfghjkl: (verb) jdkaidbeidnaisnsusnsuanhsgejinshsjnsudndidndjdisking



"WHAT?! No I don’t watch porn that’s gross!!" I say to my friend before picking up my phone and continuing to read smutty gay fanfiction


does reading gay smut next to your parents count as an extreme sport

10 things I want to see in smutty fanfiction - because realism.


1) Someone getting a leg cramp, partner thinks they’re hurting them, the mood is gone.

2) Cuddling that goes on forever, without long and intimate discussions.

3) Bra or Belt being impossible to unfasten with one hand in the dark. Having to get the other person to do it.

4) Having to…


cas slips back into enochian while he has sex pass it on


laughing hysterically right about now


laughing hysterically right about now


Do you ever just see two people and you’re just like

"Wow, you two. Together. Belong. Pls start belonging together. Together belonging. Now. Pls. Thank." 

And then you cry for all of eternity


I’m a respectable human being, I don’t watch porn. I read it.


I want to be a guy, so I can date another guy. You feel me?

  • What I say: goodnight.
  • What I mean: I'm going to spend the next three hours reading fan-written, homosexual smut before falling asleep crying about some fictional character's death (there are a lot to choose from) so don't talk to me.


I remember the first time I read smut I felt so guilty, now it’s like a pass time activity

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